Gelato 41 x Milky Way – Live Resin Badder – 1 Gram


Gelato 41 (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC

Winning 1st place for Indica at the HighTimes first legal California Cannabis Cup ,this power house strain packs a delicious punch with a fruity, creamy sweet nose and earthy flavor.

Milky Way (Wedding Cake x Zkittlez )

That Milky Way (Zkittlez x Wedding Cake) looking as beautiful as it looks in the sky. Smelling and tasting like something from out there too. This is a genetic outlier on our terp/cannabinoid profiles. You can tell that the minute you open the jar, but also when you smoke it you’re left with a unique, paralyzing stone. As with everything we grow, this isn’t for newbies.